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  • Covering letter specifically stating that these goods are for export only under invoice number & date to: (name of buyer, country), and are being sent to Newage Hongfa Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., (address of branch) for shipment from ICD (name)/port (name)
  • Details of number of packages and are in transit to (name) ICD/port, and are being transported by (truck number)
  • Chelan to be accompanied by invoice and packing list of the concerned shipment.
  • All documents (specially invoice, packing list, shipping instructions) to be emailed to the concerned branch/office before the shipment leaves the warehouse of the shipper.
  • All documents required for shipment with completely filled up shipping instructions, invoice and packing list and signed to be couriered /despatched/handed, over to the concerned branch/office the same day the shipment leaves the warehouse
  • Invoice and packing list should mention ITC (HS) code of the product.
  • Importer exporter (IEC) No. copy incorporating your PAN. No. Please ensure that your IEC No. is registered in customs through on line by DGFT. The IEC No. is only registered through online system.
  • Authority letter addressed to deputy commissioner of custom appointing M/s Newage Hongfa Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. As your custom clearing agent.
  • If shipment is under DEPB, Annexure - A, two-SDF form, two DEPB declaration (Annexure - F), duly filled, signed and stamped by the shipper
  • If shipment is under drawback scheme, Annexure - B, two SDF form, two drawback/DEEC declaration (Appendix-iii) and Appendix iv to be duly filled, signed and stamped by the party.
  • Confirmation of drawback account with full particulars
  • If shipment is under EPCG/DEEC/advance license cum DBK/DEPB, the relevant license must be registered with customs. The exporter also must provide custom notification no, under which his/her license is covered.
  • If exporter is a manufacturer of textile and textile article, then a certificate is needed from central excise that you have not availed the MODVAT facility, if you are merchant exporter, then same certificate is required from the supporting manufacturer or in place of MODVAT certificate, annexure can also be given as specified by the customs.
  • In case of rice and other perishable food products, export, the Fumigation certificate, Phytosanitory certificate and Apeda license is required.
  • In case of dangerous goods the required certificate with test report is required. If the goods do not come under hazardous category then the necessarily certificate stating the same is required.
  • IEC No. copy incorporating your PAN No.
  • IEC No. is transferred to custom through on line by DGFT.
  • Authority letter addressed to deputy commissioner of custom appointing M/s NCFFI, as your custom clearing agent.
  • Authority letter addressed to concerned airline/shipping line to hand over the delivery order to NCFFI
  • Bank signed invoice and packing list if it is a commercial consignment
  • If the consignment is consigned to bank, then we need bank release order on banks letterhead.
  • If shipment is on to pay basis, then we need freight draft and also freight certificate on your letterhead to get the delivery order.
  • Technical write-up/ catalogue/ literature related to item.
  • Manufacturers price list or proof of manufacturers selling price world wide.
  • Invoice and packing list must mention HS codes
  • If product is under dangerous goods then the relevant certificate is required
  • Chemicals must have the test and analysis report
  • Please remember textiles and chemicals are normally sent for testing on arrival so get extra detention free days in your bill of lading if by sea.
  • Certificate of origin
  • GATT declaration duly filled signed and stamp by the importer.
  • Airport authority of India allows 4 days demurrage free subsequently there is a charge of Rs. 4.45 per kg per day for general cargo and for valuables it is Rs. 8.90 per kg per day
  • In sea shipments the ground rent is free for 5 days and container detention time is free for 5 days until specified in the B/L at the port of loading.
  • In case of air shipments consigned to bank an authority letter from the banker along with original AWB is required. In shipments consigned directly to consignee an authority letter on the consignees letter head is required. These letters must be in favor of the concerned airline.
CIPCost & Insurance Paid To
CIFCost, Insurance and Freight
CPTCarrier Paid To
DAFDelivery at Frontier
DESDelivery Ex Ship
DEQDelivery Ex Quay
DDUDelivery Duty Unpaid
DDPDelivery Duty Paid
EXWEx-Works FCAFree Carrier
FOBFree on Board
FASFree Alongside Ship
FCAFree Carrier

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